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Students Say

"Thank you so much for your careful assessment of my last lesson. What you offer is pure gold. And your expression on the instrument is out of this world … It is so easy to forget things but after you wrote the summary of the lesson I can refer to it piece by piece and work on it to perfect things. " Dariusz Rygier - Ireland

"The first time that I heard Carlos play, I knew that his approach to the harmonica was completely different. His tone, sound quality and the versatility of his songs made me decide to travel all the way from Argentina to Canada to study with him. You could say that Carlos has been my mentor.  He gave me the foundation and perspective to make my career as a professional harmonica player.  He is the most honest, dedicated and humble teacher that I know.  His influence will stay with me throughout my career.  I am forever grateful.  Pay attention to his advice, but above all, listen to him play.  Try to play as elegantly as he does.  He is one of the top 5 harmonica players of all time...Un cariño a todos ustedes " Mariano Massalo - Buenos Airies - Argentina

"Before taking lessons with Carlos I used to tab every song I was attempting to learn. Since he introduced me to "Transcribe!", I have not tabbed out any songs - everything I play is transcribed and committed to memory at the outset: the notes, phrasing, and the subtle nuances of  individual phrases.  An essential element has been Carlos' patience and guidance in helping me discover, explore, and attempt to master the subtleties in rythmn, intonation, dynamics and tone in the material he has introduced to me. It's not been quick or easy, with new techniques he has had to teach to me, but without any doubt, the attention to the details during our sessions together has advanced my harp playing to a level I never envisaged I’d attain.  Interestingly, the only songs that I struggle to memorise and perform live are among the ones that I first tabbed out!"Sean Dougherty - Penticton, BC, Canada

"We all know Carlos as one of the modern masters of the diatonic harmonica and a great musician. He has a brilliant, ground breaking technique, great creativity and a deep, rich and recognizable soulful tone. Carlos is even more than that, 'cause he's one of the greatest harmonica teachers I've ever met. He's honest, focused, passionate and caring. I was only looking for some guidance in the attempt to expand my musical vocabulary. Carlos opened for me the doors of a world of musical creativity and possibilities I never even thought of. With patience he pushed me forward and helped me overcoming my mistakes, always encouraging and supporting me and challenging me with new ideas and exciting material. I can't thank him enough for all the great music and advice he has shared with me, that's why I think this lessons are a great opportunity no one should ever miss." Manlio Milazzi, Trieste, Italy

"Carlos' unique way of teaching songs by focusing on manageable chunks in specific orders repetitively enables me to learn 'vocabularies' and remember songs quicker. He is also excellent in identifying rhythmic and tonality nuances of complicated songs and is committed to helping me understand and play those notes correctly which is big part of developing 'story telling' skills. Playing the harmonica is not an easy task. While pointing out my areas of improvement, Carlos also acknowledges my improvements and what I am doing right. As a teacher, Carlos is demanding yet supportive. I have become a better harmonica player because of him. " John Cheung - Toronto, ON, Canada

"I've made huge gains from lessons with Carlos. As well as more 'technical' tuition, e.g., scales, vibratos and precision in bending, his approach to teaching is central to becoming a better player. Carlos teaches how to learn and how to practice so that you can maximise what you've learned from lesson to lesson." Andrew Vigden - England