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Purchase Lessons

You can pay for your lessons using PayPal/credit card below. One hour lessons are $85 Canadian dollars.

I'll email you personalized notes after the lesson on what we talked about (also keeps me up on where we are in our lessons), what you need to work on, any relevant PDF material, marked up "Transcribe!" files that include exercises or songs we are working on together. If you don't already use the amazing software "Transcribe!", I'll introduce you to it and help you navigate the basics. This is such an amazing program for ear training and learning songs. Once you get the hang of it, there's no going back to the way you used to practice! You can read and watch how-to videos about "Transcribe!" in the link "HOW-TO VIDEOS" then sub menu "TRANSCRIBING FROM MEMORY" in the harmonica links to the left.

Please be sure you have a good foundation on navigating your laptop. For example, how to create folders and subfolders, how to open, close and save any type of "document" file.