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Purchase Webinars

You can pay for Webinars using PayPal or credit card below. ONCE YOU'VE PAID, BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAID ONLINE PAYPAL RECEIPT AND CLICK "RETURN TO MERCHANT" that contains the ZOOM or DROPBOX link! Similarily, completed webinars will show a link to download the video recording and class materials. Email me if you have problems not being directed back to


Attendees are given a login link. On the day, and ideally at the allotted time, attendees join the event via a web browser and will be able to interact by participating via a chat box while the presenter(s) teach via live video. All the webinars are feature rich with downloadable handouts. The video is recorded so you can review (and download) the teaching sessions at a later date.

While it's most fun to be there the day of the webinar to ask me questions real time or exchange comments with the other participants - if you missed the class date, you can still purchase the webinar and have the advantage of being able to quickly review the material by fast forwarding into the recorded video/audio to make notes of what is imporant and relevant to work on. I'm always happy to answer quick questions by email about the class material.

Webinar No. 4 - David Burgin solos

Co-hosting this webinar with David Burgin and diving deep into some marked up "Transcribe!" solos $27.50 Preview lesson (Youtube)

Webinar No. 3 - GET RHYTHM!

All things RHYTHM in your solos, & accompanying other musicians, with practical exercises $27.50 Preview lesson (Youtube)

Webinar No. 2 - "TRANSCRIBE!"

A crash course in all things learning to play well what you hear by ear using the fantstic "Transcribe!" TONS of info and class materials to be shared. $27.50 Preview lesson (Youtube)

Webinar No. 1 - 1ST POSITION

Expanding your 1st Position Blues Harmonica playing Preview lesson (YouTube)